8" Metallic Coated Industrial Design Ceramic Corner Shelf Elegant Shower Shelf with a Drain Hole (Two sided Tapes Included)

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*Made in the USA
*Protected by Q-seal ( a permanent sealer that is water and stain-resistant, protects against abrasion, and it is antimicrobial which inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing mold and mildew.)
* Pre-sealed. No need for resealing.
*Unique Design
*Brushed Finish
*Stylish accessory for your bathroom
*Easy installation on new or existing shower walls.

Approved Substrates
-Fiberglass reinforced wall panels
-Unpainted drywall

-Apply provided double-sided tape.
-Prior to installation, clean the area with alcohol and locate an accurate shelf position (use grout line when available).
-If your corner isn't a perfect square, apply additional tape to fill the gap (tape provided)
-Apply adhesive (sold separately)
-Carefully align and place the self into the corner.
-Press firmly and hold a couple of munites.
-After adhesive cures, apply caulk to finish.

Adhesive sold separately;
Please use either Polyurethane construction adhesive or 2-Part Epoxy Gel/ Paste Adhesive.

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